Whether you’ve been promoted within your company, or secured a new management job outside of it, you’ve got some challenges to overcome. First, take a deep breathe. Every new manager faces a learning curve. Second, keep in mind, you need more than hard skills to get the job done. Make sure you’re following these tips to deal with common issues and deliver the best performance possible:

#1: Listen to your people.

As the manager, it’s easy to be the one who’s doing all the talking. However, listening is more important, especially at first, for many reasons. It will enable you to get to know your employees, their pain points, and what drives them. It also sends the message that you’re willing to factor in their thoughts, ideas and concerns into you decision-making process.

#2: Set clear goals and expectations.

One of the most common complaints employees have about new managers involves a lack of clarity. Your people need to know what you expect from them and when. To do that, meet with them individually and in a group. Talk about what top performance looks like and how you can help each employee achieve it.

#3: Change your mindset.

You were a contributor before; now you’re a leader. This means you have to change your mindset. Going forward, you’re not the one rolling up your sleeves and doing the work. You’re managing the people who are handling this process, which is why it’s so important to have a big-picture perspective. This entails understanding “what” needs to be done, as well as “why” and “how.” You also have to ensure your people have the right skills, tools, and support to achieve peak performance.

#4: Build the right skills.

In the past, your technical skills were critically important. However, as a manager, your emotional intelligence is just as vital to your success. You have to be emotionally aware, able to empathize with your workers, and understand how to manage a range of different personalities. Growing in this area will help you to better manage your people, and build a stronger, happier team.

#5: Manage time wisely.

It can be tough to manage your time with all the demands of being a manager. It’s why, to be successful in this role, you must practice good time management. There needs to be enough time in your day devoted to your team, your individual responsibilities, and your overall leadership development.

#6: Ask for help.

You might feel pressured to have all the right answers. However, you won’t and that’s normal. When this happens, make sure you reach out and get the help, information and advice you need. It’s better to seek guidance, then simply struggle on your own.

#7: Hiring for your team.

Bringing in new people is not only a difficult decision, but an expensive one. It’s why you must weigh your options carefully before hiring an employee. Ask for help from HR if you’re new to recruiting and interviewing. Or bring in a third-party in the form of a staffing agency. When you do, you’ll have the support you need, including access to pre-qualified candidates.

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