You know it’s important to give feedback to your employees. But what about getting it from them? When you find out about issues they’re facing, concerns they’re having, and ways they’re becoming disengaged, you can deal with a problem before it escalates into a disaster.

Some other reasons employee feedback is so important include:

  • It sets the tone.
    By getting feedback from employees and implementing it, they’re more likely to accept and implement the feedback you give them.
  • It improves retention.
    By getting ahead of problems before they become explosive issues, you can keep your employees happier, leading to higher retention rates.
  • It gives you a competitive edge.
    At the end of the day, when you’re more aware of your strengths and weaknesses – and work to leverage positives and overcome shortcomings – you’ll be able to become a more agile competitor in the marketplace, winning more customers and improving your overall bottom line.

But getting feedback isn’t always easy. Sometimes employees aren’t honest or forthcoming with information. And if feedback isn’t authentic, it’s useless. How can you get quality feedback you can trust?

Instead of making feedback a public process, consider soliciting it anonymously, such as through an online poll or survey. This will help you to get the insight you need about employee satisfaction without making your team feel nervous about potential repercussions.

Another option is to solicit feedback in small groups. For instance, organize a lunch meeting with fix or six employees at a time. When people are in a more casual and small group setting, they’re more likely be open and honest.

Finally, talk about yourself and the shortcomings you have that you’re working on. If you know you have a particular weakness, and open up about it to your team, they’ll be more likely to trust you and open up to you in return. You’ll be able to establish better communication in the process and stay connected.

Is burnout a problem you’ve been hearing from your employees?

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