How to Keep Employees Focused & Engaged Over Summer

Summer Temp Help

We’re right in the middle of summer. It’s the time of year when employees want to kick back and relax a little more. The problem is that you have projects due, customers waiting and orders to get out the door.

How can you help employees enjoy all that summer offers without sabotaging your business priorities? Here are some quick tips to keep your team engaged and motivated over the weeks and months ahead:

Offer flex or summer hours.
Today’s employees want flexibility more than ever, especially during the summer season. Provide it with flex hours or summer hours. Either way, you’re giving your staff a little extra time to focus on their personal lives and take advantage of the season, so they’re recharged and ready for work when they’re in the office.

Encourage vacations.
When you have a team that works hard, they need time off to continue to contribute in a positive way. So don’t let them slip by without taking their vacation time. If you have any employee who hasn’t taken a break in a while, encourage them to do so. If they don’t, they’ll eventually burn out, which will impact performance and productivity.

Incentivize productivity.
Reward your employees for meeting productivity goals with incentives. For instance, if they meet a certain milestone by a specific date, let them leave at noon on Friday and enjoy a longer weekend. Offer extra vacation days or other perks for meeting bigger performance goals.

Show your appreciation.
Don’t get so focused on business priorities that you don’t show your employees how much you appreciate them. You don’t need to give them an expensive gift. However, a few words of thanks and praise will go a long way in making employees feel valued and motivated to continue to succeed.

Bring in extra hands.
If you have a lot of work to complete over summer and your core staff is already fully scheduled, then bring in temporary workers. When you do, you’ll be able to finish the job on time and on budget, without adding to your overhead or stressing out your existing team members. It’s the best of both worlds and a great way to ensure your employees don’t get stretched too thin and can enjoy the season ahead.

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