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Hiring is always a big decision with high stakes. However, now with so much economic uncertainty, it can be more stressful than ever. But if it’s becoming clear you need to bring in new hires, but aren’t sure whether you can manage the cost for the long-term, what can you do?

The answer is with temporary-to-hire staffing.

This is an employment arrangement where a candidate is hired for a temporary, short-term period of time, at the end of which you can decide whether or not to extend a full-time offer. As Phoenix recruiting experts, PrideStaff knows this is a great option that provides many benefits, including the following:

You can assess a candidate before committing to them.

Hiring mistakes are costly, now more than ever. But with temp-to-hire staffing, you can lower or even avoid the risk of making one. You’ll get to test a candidate out on the job, evaluating their technical skills and abilities, as well as their personality and whether they’re a fit for the culture. You’ll have a more peace of mind in the process, whether or not you choose to hire them.

You can take advantage of a more cost-friendly option.

When you hire an employee on a full-time basis, your company has many different employment-related expenses, from taxes to benefits, to pay for. However, when you work with a temp-to-hire staffing agency, they will be responsible for these costs until you make a full-time offer. This means you’ll get the extra hands you need without fixed overhead.

You can give your staff more time to spend on priorities.

If your people are already overworked and stretched thin, then it’s going to impact morale and productivity. With temp-to-hire, you can get the help you need to take on or finish up projects, freeing up your existing employees to focus on other work. They’ll be less stressed and happier, as a result.

You can hire better-fit employees.

Since you’ll get to assess the potential new hire on the job before committing to them, you’ll also be able to make a more sound hiring decision. You’ll have first-hand insight into their personality, work ethic, dependability and other factors that are tough to gauge in an interview or from a resume. As a result, if you do choose to extend a full-time offer, it will be to an individual you know is a good fit.

Ready to learn more about temp-to-hire staffing and how you can benefit from it?

PrideStaff is here for you. As Phoenix recruiting experts, We can find the talented people you need, faster, whether on a temp-to-hire, full-time or temporary basis. Contact us today to learn more or to get started.



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