Video Interview

Traditional job interviews are nerve-wracking, nail-biting experiences. Video ones can be even more challenging because most candidates aren’t used to them. Instead of letting your anxiety show, follow these tips for a successful performance and a possible job offer:

  • Do your homework.
    Just as you would with an in-person interview, do your homework ahead of time. Read all you can about the company, formulate answers to common questions, and reach out to anyone you know who works there for tips on getting hired. 
  • Dress the part.
    Even though it’s a video interview, you are still expected to dress professionally. So wear a suit and make sure you look like you would if you were going into their office. Don’t take any shortcuts either, like pajama bottoms. If you have to get up for some reason, like to reach a file or folder, you don’t want to create an awkward moment.
  • Check the quality of your video and audio.
    Make sure that your camera and microphone are both working and delivering quality visuals and sound. Also troubleshoot any technical problems ahead of time by going to the link the interviewer provided and making sure the software works on your computer or tablet. 
  • Choose a quiet, private spot.
    Best-case scenario, you want everyone out of your house during the interview. This ensures there aren’t distractions or noises in the background. If this isn’t possible, find a private room where you can close the door and focus on the interviewer without interruption.
  • Don’t speak too loudly.
    It might take a few seconds to find your footing during a video interview. One tip is to speak at your normal voice level. Most tablets and computers have adequate speakers and will transmit your voice at a level that is appropriate, so you don’t need to talk loudly.
  • Have your resume and notes nearby.
    You don’t want to have to get up and search for an item, like your resume or a piece of paper and a pen. So make sure you have everything you’ll need ahead of time, right in reach, so your interview goes more smoothly.
  • Ask about next steps.
    Just like a traditional interview, ask about the process and what you can expect from it, including when a decision will be made. This will help to ensure there aren’t any surprises and that you also know when it’s appropriate to follow-up if needed.

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