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With record low unemployment rates, you would think hiring would be easier today. But many companies are reporting that it’s still hard to find top talent.

When it comes to hiring, there’s also always some risk involved. Even with the most diligent vetting process, you never really know what you’re going to get in the form of a new employee until they’re actually on the job.

But there is a way that you can cut down on some of that risk. It’s with referrals from your existing employees. Employees understand your culture and can offer you access to candidates, both passive and active, who would be a good fit for it. This not only leads to better hires, but faster ones too.

To take advantage of all that employee referrals offer, though, you must have a strong program or policy in place. It should include:


You don’t want employees referring just anyone who is a friend. You need people with the right technical and soft skills, those who will make a positive contribution to your team. In order to get them, it’s important to offer employees guidance in your referral program. This means outlining exactly what you’re looking for when hiring, as well as any benefits or perks you’re willing to offer for a successful hire.


People who are referred to you should get information and an answer as to whether you’re interested in interviewing them within a few days. Likewise, let the employee who referred their contact to you know the status of the hiring process. When you are responsive in terms of communication, you’ll provide a more positive experience for everyone.


Many employee referral programs include financial incentives. For instance, if an employee is hired and performs successfully on the job for a period of time, then the individual who referred them would receive a bonus or perk, such as more vacation time.

However, even if you can’t offer these kinds of incentives, you can still entice employees to offer referrals through other motivators, such as publicly acknowledging them at company meetings and online, thanking them with a luncheon, or making a contribution to their favorite charity.

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