5 Tips for Finding & Hiring the Best New College Graduates

Hiring Graduates

With spring comes a wave of new college graduates ready to join the workforce. Are you looking to recruit some of them to your team? Don’t wait until May when all of your competition will be making offers. Now’s the time to get the process started, so you can have a better shot at recruiting the best. Here are some tips to consider:

Tip #1: Set specific hiring goals.

Before you make a move, know what you’re looking for. How many new hires do you want to bring on board? Which majors are of the most interest to you? How many candidates are there within those programs? Who is your competition and what are they offering? This ensures your expectations are realistic and based on facts, so you can achieve your hiring goals.

Tip #2: Develop relationships.

Not just this year, but every year, you should strive to create and cultivate relationships with candidates on campus. You should have a strong presence at all college job fairs on campus, as well as a relationship with each college’s career center. This helps you gain more insight into which candidates are the right fit for you, as well as develop contacts within key departments and programs.

Tip #3: Communicate often.

Students, just like any other candidates, need to know about the hiring process, what the next steps are and when to expect a decision. That’s why it’s important to keep them well-informed throughout it. Follow up with them regularly and if you choose to go in a different direction, let them know immediately, so they can plan accordingly.

Tip #4: Leverage social media.

While it’s critical to have an in-person presence on campuses you’re looking to recruit from, social media should supplement that. Make sure you’re sharing stories about your company that would be most attractive to this segment, as well as reaching out and connecting with candidates online.

Tip #5: Create an internship program.

If your company doesn’t already have one, create a program that can help you build a pipeline of potential future hires. While this might not be feasible for hiring this year, it can improve your ability to attract new graduates in the future.

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