6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career & Clear Your Way to a New Job

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and with the warmer weather and longer days comes new beginnings. So if your career is stagnant or you’re not happy with it, it’s a great time to take a step back and re-assess. This way, you can turn the situation around, setting yourself up for more success in the future. When you’re cleaning your career, keep these areas in mind:

Your resume.

If you’re planning on making a move, pull out your resume, dust it off, and get to work cleaning it up. Make sure that when you do, all your job titles, employers, employment dates and duties are up to date. Also make sure you’re including your most recent accomplishments, as well as quantifying them so employers can learn about your proven track record, at-a-glance.

Your interview skills.

Once your resume is all spruced up, make sure your interview skills are sharp, too. One of the best ways to do this is to research common questions and practice your answers to them. Another way is to ask someone you trust to perform a mock interview with you. They’ll be able to give you feedback about your areas of strength, as well as those you need to work on.

Your online presence.

Go ahead and Google yourself to see what comes up. If anything is questionable, you have to clean it up and clear it out before you start applying to jobs. One of the first things hiring managers do is Google applicants. So if you don’t have a positive online presence, or you have an outdated LinkedIn profile, then it’s going to impact your job search efforts.

Your inbox.

Before you start getting calls, texts and emails from potential employers, clean out your inbox. Also, set up a job search folder in your email account so you can store all communications between you and hiring managers in it. This way, you’ll stay better organized and be able to follow up more easily on potential job leads.

Your wardrobe.

During the interview and hiring process, first impressions count. It’s why, if you want to make great one, you need to wear the right clothes. In most cases, this means a business suit in a neutral tone that’s cleaned and pressed. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to invest.

Your office space.

Whether you plan on staying in your existing job or taking the plunge into a new one, it’s always a good time to clean up your office space. Clear out dated files, delete old messages, clean off your desk and make your work area feel fresh and new.

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