Happy Workers

Hiring is hard work, not to mention expensive. Once you have a top team in place, you want to keep them. What are some ways to engage your people, so they don’t jump ship? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Focus on the small stuff.

You might not realize it, but employees want to a good quality of life more than a higher income. While competitive pay is important, so is a flexible schedule, vacation time, and giving your people the ability to better balance their life. When you offer them time to focus and enjoy the small details in their lives, they’ll be happier, more energetic and more productive on the job. This all translates into a win for you and your employees.

Talk to your people.

When it comes to retention, one important tip is to conduct stay interviews. These offer a way to connect with your employees – before they grow disgruntled or disengaged – and find out what’s working for them on the job, what’s not and ways you can support them. This not only opens up communication and enables you to be a better manager, but also builds trust and stronger relationships, too.

Invest in onboarding and training.

The first few days and weeks on the job are critical ones. It sets the tone for the entire tenure and can give an employee confidence about accepting your offer or lead them to question their decision.

That’s why investing in holistic and welcoming training and onboarding is critical. Every step of the way, employees need to feel good about their decision to join you, all so they become a part of the team faster and are more engaged as they do.

Praise good work.

Make sure you’re regularly praising your people for the work they day. They want to know their effort matters and it’s up to you to openly recognize it, whether through encouraging words or a formal program.

Promote from within.

Sometimes, you need to reach out externally to find someone with the right skill set or a fresh perspective. However, whenever you can, make it a policy to promote internally. This offers a range of benefits to your people and your company. It not only sends the message that you invest in your employees, but it also ensures a better cultural fit when it comes to filling roles.

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