In theory, you know a staffing agency can be a valuable business partner. In reality, your company has never used one before. As a result, you might be wondering how to know when the time is right to create a partnership.

To help you navigate this new process, here’s a look at four signs it’s time to consider reaching out to a staffing agency in Phoenix:

Sign #1: You don’t have time to hire.

You have to fill a certain position. The trouble is, it keeps get pushed off your to-do list by other more pressing priorities. You’re stretched thin and don’t have the time in your day to write a job description, review resumes and screen candidates. This is where a staffing agency can be especially helpful. They can free up your time and your day, while hitting the ground running finding the people you need.

Sign #2: Your company doesn’t have the right resources.

Not large enough to have an HR department? Don’t have managers who are trained in hiring and interviewing best practices? A staffing agency can certainly help. They’ll be able to learn about your company’s hiring needs in terms of the position, timeline and culture. At the same time, they can also broadcast your opportunity to a much wider network and identify great-fit candidates faster, all without you have to lift a finger.

Sign #3: You have evolving business demands.

Have sales increased recently? Are you uncertain whether you can sustain the uptick? These are the kinds of situations that can be exciting yet tricky. You need the manpower to complete new orders and service existing customers. At the same time, you’re not sure whether it makes economic sense to hire full time.

Once again, a staffing agency can come to the rescue, providing the temporary or contract workers you need for as long as you need them. On top of that, you can convert them to full-time paid staff if it becomes clear that your company is able to sustain growth.

Sign #4: You’ve made a few hiring mistakes.

Hiring isn’t easy and takes a lot of work to get right. Even under the best of circumstances, hiring mistakes can still be made. It’s when you’ve had a few and it’s starting to impact the bottom line that it’s time to consider a staffing agency. They can handle all the background checks, vetting and reference verifications to ensure you find the employees that are just right for your company.

Partner With PrideStaff

There are many other scenarios where it makes sense to bring in a staffing agency. If you think you’re ready to take the leap, contact the leading one in Phoenix, PrideStaff. We partner with organizations all over the city to connect them with top talent and make the hiring process easier. Contact us today to learn more or get started.






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