Your dream employer just posted several new jobs. You’re qualified for more than one of them. Should you apply to a few, or should you just stick with the one that interests you most?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t clear cut and truly depends on the company.

Some will take note of the fact that you’re applying to various jobs, which could be a mark against you, while others won’t notice or care.

For instance, if the jobs are in different departments within a large company, then it’s likely that there are different managers doing the interviewing. Plus, in many cases, the applicant tracking system they’re using won’t show them how many jobs you’ve applied to within the company. So if you don’t apply to all the jobs you’re qualified for and interested in, you could miss out.

In addition, there might be an internal candidate the company has in mind for one of the positions. They’re likely the “favorite” when it comes time to make a hiring decision. But if you only apply to that one role– and not others – then your chances of getting an offer are slim.

However, if the company is smaller and resumes are only going to a single person, sending in multiple applications can make you seem unfocused. This is especially true if the positions are vastly different from each other.

Whether you decide to apply to multiple positions or not at one company is truly up to you. Just make sure that whatever approach you take, your application materials are a strong fit for the position you’re applying to.

Also, don’t ever apply to multiple positions at company just because you want to work there badly. If the opportunity isn’t really a fit for you, then the hiring manager will be able to tell, either through your resume or during the interview process. So it’s a waste of time.

Likewise, even if you are slightly qualified for the position, but aren’t really that interested, don’t apply anyway. You’re better off investing your time and effort into opportunities that are truly the right match for you.

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