Why You Should Hire Full-Time Employees During the Holidays

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If you’re looking to hire new full-time employees, you might be tempted to put the effort on hold until after the holidays. But really, now is actually a great time to start the process. Here are 5 reasons why:

#1: You’ll find more motivated active candidates.

During the holiday season, many job candidates take time off from their searches to enjoy the festivities. However, those who are deeply driven won’t stop their hunt. As a result, candidates who are applying to your posting at this time of year are often more dedicated and focused, doing whatever it takes to find their next great position.

#2: You’ll tap into the aspirations of passive candidates.

If there are certain passive candidates that you’ve been wanting to recruit, then now’s an ideal time to reach out to them. At the end of the year, many professionals start looking back at what they’ve accomplished in the past year, as well as looking ahead to their future goals in the months ahead. They could come to the realization that the position they’re in won’t enable them to accomplish all they hoped for, making your opportunity more attractive to them.

#3: You’ll get more referrals to candidates.

Now’s the time of the year when your existing employees are going out to holiday parties and catching up with those in their personal and professional networks. During these events and encounters, they might connect with a candidate who could be your next great hire. So now’s the team to reach out to your people and ask them to keep your job opening in mind and to recommend any possibilities.

#4: There’s less competition for them.

It’s common for many companies to put hiring on hold during this time of the year, with the goal of ramping it back up in January. Therefore, there’s less competition for top candidates during the holiday season. You can also spend your January onboarding and training new employees, so they’re ready to hit the ground running earlier in the New Year.

#5: It’s often easier to schedule candidates.

If your business experiences a slow down at this time of the year, you’ll have more space on your calendar to schedule interviews. Likewise, it’s easier for candidates to ask existing employers for time off without raising any suspicions.

Interested in professional hiring help during the holidays?

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