When you hire on a temporary basis, it offers many benefits, from coverage for illnesses and maternity leave to more agility when you have big projects coming in. However, there are times when you’ll have a temporary worker who’s so great you don’t want to let them go once the assignment is over. But making a full-time offer is a big step. How can you tell it’s time? Here are a few ways:


They deliver high-quality work consistently.

Not only is their work quality great, but it’s consistent too. You don’t have to wonder whether they’re going to get a task done well or on time. You know you can count on them to meet your expectations, as well as your timelines. As a result, your day is less busy and stressful.

They’re a fast learner.

This is a great quality for so many reasons, including growth potential. For instance, it means you can train them on other key tasks, enabling them to become a more valuable asset to the team. Also, when it comes to the training you offer, they take it seriously, which translates into fewer mistakes and happier customers.

They have a good attitude.

When you have a worker who’s pleasant, positive, and enjoys coming to the office each day, it makes a big difference. Not only are they easier to work with, but they can also contribute to a healthier culture. This benefits your entire team, helping it run smoother.

They’re a match for your culture.

You need people with the right skills and abilities. At the same time, a cultural fit is vitally important too. When there is a good one, you know this person meshes well with your existing employees and complements the company. A cultural mismatch, on the other hand, is one of the main reasons a new hire leaves within a few months. So when you find someone who’s a great fit, they’re worth holding on to.

If you checked the boxes above, but can’t afford a new hire or don’t have the ongoing demand for one, then it doesn’t make sense to extend an offer. However, do let that temporary employee know how much you value their work and strive to keep in touch with them, so they’re the first call you make when you do need to hire.


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