The holidays are just around the corner and if your company hires seasonally during it, you’re likely in the process of starting to recruit. However, are you also thinking about what happens after you hire in terms of training? If not, you won’t get the most from your seasonal workers.


Just like your core, full-time staff, your temporary workers need to be onboarded and trained. While the process might not be as in-depth as with permanent employees, it’s still key to maintaining productivity and avoiding mistakes.


To help maximize your seasonal employees, here are a few tips from Phoenix recruitment firm – PrideStaff – for training them:


Train them before their start date.

Set your workers up for success by getting them up to speed before their start date. You can provide training on all necessary topics related to their work and the company, from technology and processes to necessary skills. By providing this information and training upfront, your seasonal employees will walk into their first day on the job more comfortable and more confident, too. They’ll also understand what you expect from them, which leads to better performance.

Use a buddy system.

Assign temporary employees each a buddy whom they shadow in those first few days, as well as turn to for questions and information during their assignment. Buddies should be seasoned staff members who are good listeners and patient when it comes to explaining processes and procedures. They should also be able to observe the seasonal employee and the quality of their work, offer coaching, and report back to you.

Make them feel welcomed.

Just like full-time team members, seasonal staff are an integral part of your workforce. It’s therefore important to make them feel that way, welcoming them, supporting them, and encouraging your full-time employees to do the same. Temporary employees know they’re only on the job for a short-term period of time, so, therefore, could be disengaged from the start. But by making them feel like part of the team, you can avoid this and keep them motivated and vested in your company’s success.

Get ahead of any problems.

If there’s an issue with a seasonal employee, deal with it immediately. They might be struggling with a certain technology or process and simply need some additional support. If that’s the case, the sooner you offer it, the easier it will be to overcome minor problems before they escalate into major ones.


Need help hiring seasonally for your team?

As a leading Phoenix recruitment agency, PrideStaff has the pre-qualified, skilled and dependable workers you need for a variety of roles on a short-term, long-term, or full-time basis. Even better? We’re just a call away!


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