As a manager, you’re focused in pleasing customers and upper management. But what about the people on your team? In order to attain high retention rates and retain your most valuable assets – your employees – it’s important to take a few steps. Here’s a look at them:

Step #1: Say thank you.

Appreciation goes a long way in keeping your employees happy. So when they’re consistent with their performance or go the extra mile to get a job done, let them know you noticed and that you’re grateful for their efforts. It will motivate them to continue to work hard and achieve.

Step #2: Start delegating more.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Focus on the strategic efforts of your team and hand off as much of the day-to-day work as you can to your employees. You’ll have more time and they’ll feel empowered thanks to more responsibility.

Step #3: Invest in your team.

If you want the best team, then you have to invest in them. When you do, they’ll be able to acquire new skills and strengthen existing ones. At the same time, they’ll appreciate the opportunities you’ve afforded them, whether it’s through continuing education, a mentoring program or regular training.

Step #4: Listen more than you speak.

When your staff has a voice in decisions, they’ll be more vested in your department and the company as a whole. So regularly invite and encourage employees to share their opinions, concerns and struggles. Make sure everyone has a place at the table and is part of the decision-making process.

Step #5: Define goals and expectations.

To stay focused and engaged, employees need to know what you expect from them. If you’re vague or unclear, they’ll flounder. That’s why regular meetings to discuss individual goals, as well as group meetings to talk about collective ones are so important.

Step #6: Offer feedback.

Go beyond once-a-year annual reviews and instead, stay in regular communication with your team to discuss their performance. This shows them that you care and also helps them stay on track in terms of productivity.

Step #7: Celebrate the wins.

Don’t simply discuss areas that need improvement. Shine a light on all those accolades and accomplishments of your staff, even the small ones. This will boost morale and engagement.

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