When you’re interviewing, you have a lot on your plate. You’re trying to get to know candidates on a more personal level; assess their skills, abilities and experiences; and evaluate their personality, habits and attitudes to check for cultural fit. One wrong move in any of these areas can lead to a hiring mistake. What can you do to lessen your risk?

The Tempe recruiting professionals at PrideStaff have the answers you need. Start by looking out for these red flags:

Red flag #1: Running late.

If a candidate can’t show up on time to an interview, then tardiness is likely a problem that will continue if hired. In some cases, they’ll have a good explanation and offer any apology. But if they don’t, then it could spell trouble in the future if you hire them.

Red flag #2: Vague or suspicious answers.

When you ask questions, you need detailed answers to determine whether the candidate is a good fit. If they’re talking in circles, giving answers that are vague or incoherent, or can’t answer simple questions, then it’s a sign that something’s off.

Red flag #3: Poor body language.

You need people who are calm and confident, those who can operate well under pressure. If you have a candidate who doesn’t make eye contact or shake hands and seems jittery and uncomfortable, it’s a good indication they lack assurance.

Red flag #4: Not asking questions.

Candidates should be asking questions not only to demonstrate their preparedness, but also to evaluate the role to determine whether it’s a good fit. If they don’t, it could be out of laziness or a lack of enthusiasm or ambition.

Red flag #5: Talking badly about a past employer.

The candidate should be putting their best foot forward during an interview. That’s why if they start bashing a past employer, boss or co-worker, it’s signals that their maturity and level of professionalism could use an improvement.

Red flag #6: A list of demands.

The interview is a time for you and the candidate to get to know each other to see if there’s a fit. It’s not, however, when the candidate should be demanding a certain salary, vacation time, hours or other wants. If they do, then they’re probably going to be a high-maintenance employee and difficult to manage.

Interested in getting expert help with your interviewing efforts?

Reach out to the team at PrideStaff. As Tempe recruiting professionals, we can handle the sourcing, screening and vetting process, so you get reliable, skilled and hard-working employees. Contact us today to learn more.

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