How to Handle Employees Who Don’t Get Along

Work Arguement

You have a team with so many different personalities on it. The bad news is that they’re not always going to get along. However, there is good news, too. In fact, by following a few simple steps, you can set the stage for less conflict and more camaraderie, leading to better bottom-line results in the long run. Here’s how to do it.

Don’t ignore it.

With all you have on your plate, it’s certainly tempting to ignore the conflict and hope it goes away. However, this is rarely the case. And when it’s escalated to the point where your employees are getting you involved, you need to take action. Otherwise, it will fester and spread, impacting your whole team in the process.

Don’t make assumptions.

If there’s conflict between two employees, don’t assume anything. Instead, talk to all involved so you hear every side of the story. This will help you to determine what underlying issues are leading to the conflict and consider the most effective strategies for resolving it. So work hard to get to the heart of the matter and fully understand the situation first.

Don’t let emotions take charge.

When a conflict has been ongoing, it’s often also clouded by high emotions. At this point, everyone involved is getting angry and defensive, which will sabotage any efforts to resolve the situation. That’s why it’s important to slow the conversation down and simply listen. Get behind all the emotions and try to root out the source of the problems. This will help you to figure out a solution that’s more effective and less vulnerable to future flare-ups.

Don’t leave without a resolution.

Your employees will probably never be best friends and that’s ok. They don’t have to be. However, they do need to work alongside each other in a way that’s going to be productive. They also need to learn about managing conflict on their own, so every little issue isn’t brought into your office. So work with your employees to identify the best next steps and what you can all do going forward to improve the situation.

Don’t forget to put it in writing.

It’s important to document these kinds of issues in case a future problem occurs. For instance, if a termination is warranted for some reason, you want to make sure your employees and your company are protected.

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