You know you need to be on LinkedIn and keep your profile up to date. But are there certain mistakes you’re making on the social media site that could sabotage your career advancement efforts? As one of Phoenix’s top employment agencies, PrideStaff has the answers you need. Here are some common areas where job seekers make mistakes on their LinkedIn profile and how to avoid them going forward:

The profile.

If you have missing pieces on your LinkedIn profile, hiring managers and recruiters will notice. It will send the message that you’re either a) lazy or b) don’t recognize the value that LinkedIn offers. Instead, make sure you’re maximizing your visibility by completing all the sections, incorporating keywords and phrases along the way.

The profile photo.

This is one of the most important spots on your LinkedIn profile. And yet, oftentimes, photos are cropped awkwardly, or appear grainy or unprofessional. Keep in mind, this doesn’t have to be an expensive glamour shot; it can be a candid taken by a friend. However, it should show you in a polished light, one that won’t detract from your background and experience.

The headline.

Avoid superficial phrases like “ninja,” “guru” and “star.” You’ll undermine your credibility if you include them. Instead, keep your headline concise, making it clear what you do. Again, be sure to include keywords so recruiters can find you and keep it short.

The content.

Writing a good LinkedIn profile is a bit of a balancing act. You don’t want to say too much, nor do you want to include sparse information. The key here is to draft your profile and then spend the time to edit it down. Focus on including engaging information about you beyond what you’d find on a typical resume.

Another vital tip when it comes to your LinkedIn profile is to proofread it. In your haste to get it online or to update it, don’t neglect this vital step. Even if your profile is well-written in terms of the details you’ve included, if there are mistakes in grammar and spelling, it’s going to reflect poorly on you.

Just as with a resume, creating a strong LinkedIn profile takes time and effort. But once yours is up and running, it’s easier to update and will serve as a valuable tool whether you’re searching for a job, want to get promoted, or are simply interested in expanding your network.

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