Leading a team is a stressful position to be in. You can’t simply focus on your own tasks and performance, but instead must manage goals, deadlines and priorities for many others. However, don’t let stress take over your work day or your life just because you’re the boss. Instead, follow these tips for dealing with it and overcoming its daily hold on you:

Take some of the decisions out of your day.

For instance, during the work week, eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, and follow a similar schedule each day that you can. This will reduce the number of decisions you need to make in a day, taking some stress off your shoulders in the process.

Be clear with your team about what you need from them.

If part of your stress is stemming from the fact that your employees aren’t getting their work done, then it’s time for private meetings with each one to discuss goals and expectations. Make sure they’re clear about what you need out of them and when. Also meet with your staff as a part of a group to discuss departmental goals. Make sure everyone understands where they fit in and why their contributions are so important.

Deal with problems immediately.

If an issues arises, take steps to fix it immediately. Don’t wait and hope it will resolve itself. Most likely, it will simply escalate and become more difficult and stressful to deal with down the line.

Get help if need it.

Just because you’re in a leadership position doesn’t mean you don’t need help. Rather, you should be reaching out to other leaders in the company and outside of it when you need advice or perspective on a situation.

Take care of yourself.

You’re busy. But that doesn’t mean you should let your health fall to the wayside. Instead, it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself, from getting enough sleep and eating well to exercising and enjoying downtime each week.

Is part of your stress coming from a lack of resources?

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