Graduation is just around the corner and soon enough, you’ll have many entry-level candidates knocking on your door. They’ll bring with them a fresh perspective and plenty of enthusiasm. However, when it comes to actually hiring them, it can be a challenge since there’s often no track record or experience to assess.

So how can you make the best decision possible? As one of Phoenix’s top staffing agencies, PrideStaff can help. To ensure you get the right-fit person for your position, here are some tips to follow:

Know what your needs are.

When it comes to identifying qualified candidates, it’s important first to define the role and the kinds of traits that will be the best match for it. For instance, what key strengths are needed? And what type of personality will thrive in the job and at your company? Once you know the answers to these types of questions, a great candidate will be easier to spot.

Dig deeper with your questions.

After you’ve identified what you’re looking for in a candidate, design your interview questions around those requirements. For instance, if you need a new hire who is detail oriented, ask about a time they caught a mistake, what they did about it and what the outcome was. You don’t want hypotheticals here, but real facts that help you evaluate their abilities, as well as how they will think and act in certain situations.

Look for achievement and work ethic.

It’s true that entry-level candidates might not have a ton of work experience under their belts. However, there are many other kinds of achievements you can assess, such as awards they’ve earned in school, extracurricular activities, internships and jobs they’ve held in the past even if they’re in an unrelated field.

Give them homework.

Once school’s out, entry-level candidates might think their homework days are behind them. However, you can gain valuable insight into their skills and abilities by giving them a small project or assignment to complete. Not only that, but if you’re deciding between multiple candidates, this can give you a better understanding of who’s the best fit.

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