4 Company Culture Mistakes Employers Make

man looking for a new job

As a manager or owner, you’re focused on building your team or your company. But is culture a part of the equation? If it’s not, then it can have a negative impact on the quality of candidates you attract, as well as your retention and bottom line.

It’s a lot to handle as a busy leader, between strategy meetings, hot projects and tight deadlines. Yet, as Phoenix recruiting experts, PrideStaff knows creating a healthy culture is too important to ignore. When you focus your efforts on it, just make sure you don’t make some common mistakes, such as:

Mistake #1: Lack of clear values.

Your culture should reflect your company’s mission and values. But if you haven’t defined and communicated them, then you’ll send an inconsistent message to your team. Instead, it’s critical to understand what makes your organization tick and carefully shape your culture around those concepts.

Mistake #2: Too much red tape.

Does it take weeks to get a simple decision about time off? Are there rules and policies in place that don’t make sense for today’s workforce? Do you need multiple sign-offs to get anything done? When there’s too much red tape or a bloated bureaucracy, employees will eventually get frustrated and look for places to work that provide a less complicated culture.

Mistake #3: No transparency.

Sometimes, it’s tough to be honest with your people, especially when the news isn’t good. But openness and trust are important components of any successful workplace culture. Keep in mind that when they’re left in the dark, your staff will imagine the worst, leading to fear and misunderstanding. It’s better to be honest and communicate often if you want a more engaged, connected culture.

Mistake #4: Poor hiring decisions.

When it comes to recruiting and hiring in the Phoenix area, you need people with the right technical skills, but also attitudes and habits that are a match for your team. If you handle the hiring process too quickly, or don’t assess for cultural fit, then there’s a much higher chance of making a hiring mistake. This, in turn, impacts morale, productivity and profits.

You can’t see culture, but you can definitely feel it. And when a company has a strong, thriving, positive one, it’s going to have big-picture implications, from the level of talent they’re able to attract to organizational innovation and success.

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