4 Phone Screen Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances for an Interview

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Phone screens save a lot of time and effort. They’re easier on candidates like you and employers too. You can both assess each other quickly and decide if there’s a potential match. If there’s not, then you simply get to move onto other opportunities without a big investment. If there is, then hopefully you get called for an interview.

However, just because these screens often take place in the comfort of your home, doesn’t mean you should take a casual approach. In fact, as Phoenix employment experts, PrideStaff knows that’s a big mistake many candidates make. Hiring managers expect you to be ready to answer any questions they have. They could be from the most basic to the more complex. You really need to be prepared for anything, which means it’s easy to mess up.

To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, avoid some of these other common mistakes that could kill your chances for an interview:

Don’t multi-task.

It’s tempting to organize your desk, check your email, or shop online while you’re on the phone. But don’t do it. Focus solely on the screen instead. It’s so easy to get distracted and you don’t want to have to ask the hiring manager to repeat anything because you weren’t listening closely.

Don’t talk money or perks.

This initial conversation should simply be about the position and whether your background is a potential fit. Don’t ask about how much it pays, the number of vacation days you’d get, or whether you can telecommute. Of course, if the hiring manager brings up these topics, then they’re fair game.

Don’t end the call without asking questions.

Just because it’s a 15-minute phone screen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions at the end. In fact, if you don’t, it signals to the hiring manager a lack of preparation and enthusiasm. Plus, how will you know if you want to pursue the opportunity if you don’t ask questions and get more details?

Don’t be late or put the interviewer on hold.

Etiquette is just as important during a phone screen as it is in a face-to-face interview. So make sure you’re on time for the phone screen and don’t ever put the hiring manager on hold to accept another call, unless it’s an emergency.

During a phone screen, the hiring manager is looking for a few things. They want to confirm you have the skills to do the job, gauge your interest in it, and try to get a sense of whether you’d be a good cultural fit. It’s really that simple. So give them the details they need and avoid the mistakes above, and you could be well on your way to an interview and an offer.

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