Great companies have one common denominator: top employees. And the start of a New Year is an ideal time to take stock of how you manage yours and make adjustments, all so you can build the most productive workforce possible in 2019. To do that, here are 6 strategies to incorporate:

#1: Make expectations clear.

It sounds simple enough. And yet, as Phoenix recruiters, PrideStaff knows that lack of clear goals and expectations is one of the primary reasons employees leave. That’s why it’s important to work with each of your staff members individually and as a group to ensure everyone is on the same page. In addition, conduct regular, informal check-ins to keep morale up and goals on track.

#2: Start delegating.

If you’re known as a micro-manager, it’s time to break the habit and free up more space in your day. You can do that by delegating. Not only will this get your people more involved and engaged, but it will show them you trust them with vital responsibilities. This goes a long way in increasing their loyalty to your team.

#3: Aim to listen more.

As the leader, it’s easy to take the reins in meetings and conversations. Instead, this year, try to listen more. Be open to the opinions of your staff, encourage them to come to you with questions and concerns, and give them the space and time to share their ideas, even if they’re not in line with your own. Be a patient and active listener and your team will respect you more for it.

#4: Ask for feedback.

You might be used to giving feedback. But it’s important to ask for it, as well. When you do, you can ensure your people have the support and resources they need to perform successfully in their roles  Likewise, you can get a handle on developing issues or problems before they escalate.

#5: Be an example.

Whether they realize it or not, your staff looks to you as an example to emulate. If you have certain expectations for them, but don’t hold yourself to the same standard, they’re going to notice. So show up on time, take responsibility for your actions, and demonstrate respect and integrity in all you do.

#6: Show an interest.

Show a genuine interest in your employees both as staff members and simply as people. When it comes to work, check in with them regularly and ask about projects, what’s causing any problems and ways you can help. In addition, while you don’t have to be close friends, try to get to know them on a personal basis. You’ll understand what motivates them better and be able to lead and inspire them more effectively as a result.

Need more help building a strong team in 2019?

PrideStaff can help. As leading Phoenix recruiters, we know where to look to find the top talent you need, faster, whether it’s on a full-time, part-time or temporary basis. We can source, screen, interview, evaluate and vet, all while you focus on other business priorities. Contact us today to learn more or get started.



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