The New Year offers a great time to take stock of your career. Even if you’re not planning on making a move, there are still steps you can follow to set yourself up for a future promotion and career advancement. When you do, just make sure you’re avoiding the following common career mistakes:

Mistake #1: Coasting.

You might be in your comfort zone in your job. But staying there will prevent you from learning, growing and offering more value to your employer. So even if you plan to remain in your current role, you should be striving to keep your skills up-to-date, as well as acquire newer, in-demand ones.

Mistake #2: Not asking for feedback.

Do you wait until your annual review each year to get feedback from your boss? If you do, you’re missing out on important opportunities throughout the year to learn about your performance. While it might not be your favorite conversation to have, asking for feedback from your boss on a regular basis is a sure-fire way to learn about problem areas that need addressing, as well as key strengths.

Mistake #3: Being afraid of change.

Whether you’re not happy in your job or with your employer, or you want to move up the career ladder, it’s up to you to take action. Don’t let fear of change stop you. Instead, assess where you are and where you want to go. Then develop a plan of action for achieving your goals. If you’re not sure where to start, connect with a one of Tempe’s top employment agencies, like PrideStaff, to get expert help and advice.

Mistake #4: Neglecting to network.

Whether you want a new job, are interested in switching fields, or are simply looking to expand your knowledge base, your connections play a key role. A good network can offer the support, feedback, and tips you need for shaping a more successful career. That’s why investing time and energy into nurturing existing relationships, as well as engaging in new ones is so important.

Mistake #5: Working too much.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the more you work doesn’t necessarily mean the more productive you’ll be. In fact, you can sabotage your performance by overworking and taking on too much in the office. Instead, in the New Year, aim for a more balanced approach that includes setting boundaries, delegating tasks, and unplugging when you can during the evenings and weekends. You’ll perform better when you do.

Looking for a new job in the New Year?

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