If you’ve been out of work for a while, it can be tempting to accept any offer that comes your way. However, if you do – and overlook certain warning signs – it’s likely not going to end well. Whether it’s due to a toxic environment or an inexperienced boss, a bad job can have a big impact on your career satisfaction and your quality of life, too.

So what danger signs should you be looking for that a job might end up being a nightmare? Here’s a look at a few from PrideStaff, one of Tempe’s trusted employment agencies:

A messy process.

Interview dates keep changing. Resumes get lost. The hiring manager shows up late. These are not the signs you want to see at a company you’re considering working for. It’s a good indication that the workplace is messy and disorganized, which will impact your ability to succeed on the job.

Lack of concrete information.

During the hiring process, it’s important to ask a lot of questions not just about the role you’re interviewing for, but the strength of the company as a whole. If the hiring manager can’t articulate a clear vision about either, then there’s an issue with transparency. Always be wary if you can’t get the level of detail you need to make a decision about a potential opportunity.

A short interview.

Hiring is a serious investment for companies. That’s why reputable ones take their time assessing candidates and determining which would be a good fit. So if you have an interview and are offered the job after 15 minutes, it’s a danger sign. They’re simply looking for someone to fill an empty seat. And when an organization hires at a breakneck speed, you can expect quality across the whole company to suffer.

You can’t meet the team or tour the office.

When it comes to deciding on a job offer, you want to have as much information available as you can. So if the hiring manager seems cagey when you ask to tour the office, or doesn’t introduce you around to potential co-workers, it could be because they’re hiding something.

Strong gut instinct.

If you have a strong reaction after interviewing with a company – and it’s in a negative way – go with your gut. Even if you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that’s concerning to you about the company, your subconscious mind is raising a big red flag. Listen to it and move onto other opportunities with different employers.

Need more help finding and assessing great job leads?

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