Finding the perfect candidate is a relief. But when they turn down your offer, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. Considering the amount of time and resources that go into the recruiting process, it’s important to find out the reason for their decision. For instance, did hiring with your firm take too long? Did they get a better offer from your competition?

Whatever the case, here are a few tips from PrideStaff – one of Tempe’s top staffing agencies – to help you figure it out and learn from it.

Touch base with the candidate.

In most cases, a candidate will simply send an email thanking you for the offer and letting you know they’re turning it down. Respond and ask them to get specific as to the reason. Just don’t get defensive in whatever you say. Simply approach it letting the candidate know you’re looking to improve your hiring experience and what, if anything, they would have changed about it.

If they got a better offer from another company, ask about that too. Be diplomatic with your approach and simply say something like:

“I’m so sorry to hear you won’t be joining our team. But I’m glad you found an opportunity you’re excited about. Would you be willing to share what made that offer more enticing for you?”

When you’re friendly and professional, most candidates will be willing to offer you insight into why they chose another offer or decided to stay with their existing employer.

Evaluate the offer.

You need to make sure what you’re offering candidates is in line with what’s competitive on the employment marketplace. If it’s not, then it’s no wonder candidates are turning down your jobs for other opportunities. So do some research and take stock not only of salary, but also benefits and perks, too.

Assess your hiring process.

In some cases, it’s not the specifics of the offer that’s an issue. It’s the hiring process. It might be too long, too cumbersome, or candidates are consistently kept in the dark, waiting and wondering where they stand. That’s the point when they’ll often accept another offer. It’s important to evaluate all aspects of your hiring process to ensure you provide a positive candidate experience from start to finish.

Do you need more help hiring for your team?

Call Tempe’s leading staffing agency at PrideStaff. We know what today’s top candidates are looking for in employers and can help ensure your offerings meet their needs. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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