4 Tips for Rejecting an Internal Candidate

reject internal hire

It’s bad enough when you have to tell a stranger that you’ve made a hiring decision that doesn’t include them. However, when it’s someone who is already part of your team, it’s even more difficult. You don’t want any hurt the feelings. In addition, you don’t want the employee to grow disgruntled either.

So, what can you do to handle the situation with grace, so your employee doesn’t hate you? PrideStaff, one of Phoenix’s top employment agencies, has the answers you need. Here are four quick tips to help you deal with this sensitive situation more easily:

Tip #1: Do it in person.

Since this is an existing employee, it’s critically important to talk with them in person. Although it will be a difficult and even awkward conversation, having a face-to-face will help to soften the blow, as well as give your employee a chance to ask questions. It also shows your concern for them and that they’re not simply a cog in the wheel; but a valued team member.

Tip #2: Be honest.

During your conversation, just be honest. Don’t blame the situation on the fact another candidate had a few more years of experience. There’s likely a bigger reason the internal candidate didn’t get the job. And you’re not doing them any favors if you don’t share it with them. So be kind, but be direct, too. It will help them more in the long run to achieve their career goals if they understand where they went wrong.

Tip #3: Offer a path forward.

While it might hurt, it can also be helpful to discuss specifics about what made the final candidate stand out – if the employee wants to know. Was it their attitude? Their track record? A certain skill set?

Knowing this information will give your employee a better sense of the kinds of abilities they need to acquire in order to get ahead in the company. Also, discuss how they can go about expanding their knowledge and skills, and what the company can offer them in terms of training and development support and resources.

Tip #4: Follow up.

With a plan laid out, follow up with your employee regularly. Schedule informal chats to discuss how their training and development efforts are going and to offer feedback on their recent performance. It’s also a good time for them to come to you with any questions or concerns about the job they’re doing.

Turning down an internal candidate is never fun. But the good news is that it does give you an opportunity to help them obtain new skills and acquire more knowledge, all so they can offer more value to the company down the line.

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