As one of the leading staffing agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows when an employee comes to you with a two-week notice letter, their mind is often made up. You could extend a counteroffer, but if they already have one foot out the door, it might not be worth it. However, what if you find out by accident that an employee is looking for a job? What should you do then?

First, you should consider what it would mean to your company if they left. If the employee in question is an underperformer, then it might actually be a relief. If, on the other hand, it’s someone you trust and value highly, then it can certainly be a big blow.

If you’d like to try and retain them, here are some tips to help you with the process:

Set up a meeting.

Reach out to your employee and ask to schedule some private time to touch base. Unless you’re in different offices and can’t meet in person, then always have sensitive conversations like these face-to-face.

Prepare beforehand.

Before your meeting, it’s important to think through why your employee is leaving. The reason could be immediately apparent, or you might be blind-sided by the news. However, ask yourself whether it’s due to an issue with salary, working conditions, co-workers, or something else entirely.

Be honest.

Don’t dance around the issue. Let them know that you found out they’re searching for a new job and you’d like to discuss it. Unless you want to lose them, don’t get angry or berate them. Communicate from a place of honesty and respect. They’ll be more likely to open up and have a productive conversation with you.

Listen and ask questions.

Don’t do all the talking in the conversation. Truly listen to what your employee has to say. After all, how can you rectify any issues they’re dealing with if you don’t know or understand what they are? Even if they do end up resigning, at least you can learn from the problem and fix it, so it doesn’t lead to future retention issues.

Do you need help filling an opening on your team?

If an employee left and you need help filling their seat, give PrideStaff a call. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Phoenix, we can help you source, screen, evaluate and hire faster and more cost-efficiently. Contact us today to learn more or get started.

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