Why Am I Not Getting Calls After Submitting My Resume?

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There’s nothing more exciting than finding a job that seems like the perfect fit for you. And there’s nothing more disheartening then never hearing back after you apply.

As leading recruiters in Phoenix, Tempe and Gilbert, we know when this happens, it’s certainly an upsetting experience. But the good news is that you can turn this negative into a positive with the right approach. The first step is knowing where you’re going wrong with your resume. Here are a few common areas to consider:

Are you qualified for the job?

The opportunity might sound great because it’s the kind of job you want. But are you truly qualified – with the right blend of hard skills and experience – for it? If you’re not, then the hiring manager isn’t going to call you for an interview. You can have a great attitude and work ethic, but you still need a proven track record and solid qualifications.

Are you following the directions in the posting?

You have the necessary experience and meet the requirements for the position. But when you don’t follow application directions, it reflects poorly on you. Hiring managers will think you won’t be able to adhere to instructions once on the job either. So, if the posting asks for references, send them. If they require a certain email subject line, be sure to include it. And if it asks for a cover letter, don’t skip sending one in.

Are you sending in boilerplate resumes?

If your resume looks the same for every employer, then that’s a problem. While you’ll have one general resume, it’s important to tweak it for every job you apply to. That’s the only way to truly showcase your strengths and that you have what it takes to perform in a certain job. Likewise, hiring managers will be more likely to notice you since your resume will stand out against the sea of generic ones.

Are your salary expectations too high?

If the posting asks you to include salary requirements, and yours are out of the ballpark, hiring managers won’t give you a second glance. Instead, before you apply to a position, it’s important to know your worth on the employment marketplace. Do some research and find out what other professionals in the same field with similar experience are making. If you still get rejected based on salary requirements, you know the employer is underpaying.

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