If summer is your busy time, you likely have more than rising temperatures to contend with. You also have a staff of seasonal employees to manage.

When all goes well, they’ll offer you the extra hands you need to get work done and keep customers happy. If, however, they’re not managed properly, the situation can negatively impact your core team and your valued customers.

To help ensure that doesn’t happen to you and you get the most from your seasonal staff, here are a few quick tips from the Tempe recruitment team at PrideStaff:

Tip #1: Train them.

When it comes to seasonal employees, they won’t require an extensive training program like full-time staff. However, to make sure they’re clear on their role, your expectations, and how they fit into the big picture, it’s important to offer them some level of training. It will take more of an investment upfront, but they’ll be able to become productive faster with fewer mistakes made along the way.

Tip #2: Treat them as part of the team.

Getting seasonal employees to blend well with your existing team members won’t happen automatically. It’s up to you to roll out the welcome mat, offer introductions, and do what you can to make seasonal staff feel like part of the team.

For instance, if there’s a company picnic, invite them to it. Also, on their first day, be prepared so they don’t feel like they’re waiting around or getting lost in the shuffle. The more you embrace them, engage them, and treat them like any other employee, the harder they’ll work for you.

Tip #3: Talk about performance.

Every employee needs feedback to stay on track and improve. It’s no different for your seasonal staff. If you want them to deliver the best performance, you need to praise them when they’re doing a good job and offer correction to change course, when needed.

While you don’t have to schedule a formal review, simply talking to them on a regular basis about their performance – and also asking them if they have any questions or concerns – is a good way to spot problems before they escalate.

Being a short-term boss isn’t always easy. But follow the tips above and you’ll be able to ensure your seasonal staff is productive and motivated, all while you get the bump in staffing levels you need.

Interested in learning more about staying flexible with strategic staffing?

Get help from Tempe’s trusted recruitment team. At PrideStaff, we can get to know your company, its culture, and your staffing goals to ensure you’re optimally staffed at all times of the year. Contact us today to learn more or get started.





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