5 Common-Sense Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Hiring Mistake

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On paper, the candidate looked perfect. Once hired, they fell apart. Sound familiar?

It can certainly happen to any employer. The trick is to spot a problematic employee before making the offer. That can be tough to do, though, when candidates are trained to put only their best foot forward during the hiring process.

The good news is that as a leading Phoenix recruitment firm, PrideStaff knows there are common-sense ways you can avoid this scenario hapeening again. These include by:

#1: Asking tough questions.

Surface level questions won’t get you far when you’re trying to evaluate a particular candidate. You need to dig deep with hard-hitting questions and then follow up with each candidate’s answers. For instance, by simply asking “Why?” after a candidate gives you their response, you’re forcing them off scripted replies and into more authentic territory. That’s where you’ll truly get the information you need to make a good hiring decision.

#2: Never making hiring decisions alone.

Another good way to avoid a hiring mistake is by involving others in the decision. While the final call might be up to you, having the insight and input of a team helps you to avoid snap judgements based on a single viewpoint. When you have more than one set of eyes on a candidate, it’s also harder to overlook red flags and warning signs.

#3: Always checking references.

When you’re pressed to hire, you might be tempted to skip the reference-checking process. Don’t do it, though. It’s important to verify the background and work history of every candidate you’re potentially going to bring on board. It will take a little time upfront; but be well worth it in the end with better-quality new hires.

#4: Looking candidates up online.

In today’s world, most people will have some kind of online presence. Whether it’s their LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or a blog, it can provide you with additional information to help you make a more informed hiring decision. Oftentimes, this online research will underscore your solid impression of a candidate. But in some cases, it can help you to uncover the true colors of an applicant and help you avoid a hiring mistake.

#5: Instituting a probationary period.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a bad hire will slip through the cracks. When this happens, a 90-day probationary period can help to protect your company and offset someone of the damage. Every 30 days, review the new hire’s progress and performance and then assess whether they’re still the right fit for you.

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