What Employers Really Want to Know When They Ask 3 Common Interview Questions

As one of Phoenix’s leading employment agencies, PrideStaff knows when it comes to job interviews, there are certain questions almost every candidate gets. But what does the hiring manager really want to know when they’re asking them? Sometimes it can be tough to tell.

To help you in your next interview – so you can nail the answers – here’s a look at a few common questions and why hiring managers ask them:

What’s your biggest weakness?

Hiring managers ask this question for a couple of reasons. First off, they want to truly know about the areas where you struggle. If, for instance, you’re looking for a job as a bookkeeper and you say your biggest weakness is math, then they’re going to think twice about hiring you.

But beyond that, hiring managers are also looking for candidates who are self-aware and have a growth mindset. In other words, they want to know what your weaknesses are and what you’ve done to improve upon them.

Finally, they want people who are honest and willing to be candid. When you talk about your biggest weakness being the fact that you’re a perfectionist, that answer isn’t going to resonate with them and will sound phony. Instead, they’re looking for authentic answers that showcase you’re still a strong candidate despite your weaknesses.

Why are you leaving your current job, or why did you leave your last job?

At the end of the day, hiring managers don’t want to make a hiring mistake. Asking this question can help them gain insight into any troubles or challenges you experienced in your last position, or your current one. If, for instance, you start bashing your boss, then you’re going to raise the hiring manager’s red flags.

Also, asking this question gives the hiring manager peace of mind that you had a good reason for leaving your last job and that you left voluntarily. Likewise, it can showcase your work values. For example, if you left because you didn’t like the fact that you only got two weeks of vacation time, it’s going to communicate to the hiring manager what’s most important to you.

What makes you most interested in this job?

Hiring managers ask this question for a variety of reasons. They want to know that you did your homework and understand – at a high level – the basics of the job and the company. They also want to know what appeals to you most about the position to gauge whether you’re the right fit for it. Finally, employers want to hire candidates who are excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity.

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