3 Simple Tips for Rebounding After Job Search Rejection

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As professional recruiters in Phoenix, Tempe and Gilbert, PrideStaff knows that looking for a new job can be stressful. But getting rejected for a position you really wanted is downright depressing. How can you rebound, make the most of the situation and eventually move on? Start by following these tips:

Tip #1: Give yourself some time to process things.

Give yourself some time to deal with your emotions. You might be reeling from feelings of anger, shock, disappointment and sadness – which are all normal. So take some time to process your thoughts and feelings. Then try to vent or express them in a healthy way, such as by talking with your spouse or a loved one or friend about it. This will help you to move forward, faster, in a more positive way.

Tip #2: Think through what went wrong.

If you’re not sure why you didn’t get the job, try to pinpoint any possibilities during the hiring and interviewing process. Were there certain answers you gave that were weak? Did you show up unprepared? Were you running late to the interview? Also, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager for feedback. They might not always give it; but there’s certainly no harm in asking.

Tip #3: Stay busy with your job search.

When what seems like the perfect opportunity comes along, it’s easy to focus on it. But going forward, when this happens, don’t fixate on any one job. Stay busy keeping up your job search – even when you have your fingers crossed about a particular opportunity. That way, if it falls through, you still have plenty of other possibilities out there that you’re working on.

Also, never take a wait-and-see approach, stopping your job search until you hear back from a prospective employer. Keep up your search even when you’re nearly certain you’re going to get a particular job. You never know what can happen and you shouldn’t take any drastic steps – like quitting your job or your search – until you have an official offer in hand.

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