The good news: You’ve found a handful of strong candidates for your company’s latest job opening. The bad news? You’re having a hard time deciding between the top two. Both are highly experienced and come with equally excellent credentials. How do you choose?

Before you make a move, follow these tips:

Tip #1: Look back at your job posting.

Both candidates might have strong skills. But as one of Tempe’s top recruiting firms, PrideStaff knows it’s important to consider who has the skills and experience most relevant to the job opening.

If you’re not sure, take a look back at your job posting and the skills, abilities, qualifications, and traits you listed there. Then assess which candidate checks the most boxes.

Still not sure? Ask yourself this: What is the #1 top skill or ability that is most important for success on the job? Then determine which candidate better demonstrates that skill or ability.

Tip #2: Evaluate growth potential.

You want to hire people who will not only perform well in the job you’re hiring for, but who will grow with the company, too. So if both candidates are highly experienced, but one seems more enthusiastic or well suited for a future role in management, then keep that factor in mind during your decision making process. A candidate with growth potential can deliver more long-term benefits to your company.

Tip #3: Consider culture.

Both candidates have excellent skills. And both candidates have charismatic personalities. However, is there one that you think would mesh better with your company culture?

If you’re not sure, think about a typical day in the office and imagine each candidate interacting with the rest of the team. Who do you think will feel more comfortable and confident at the company?

Thinking through how each candidate will fit into the culture – and reviewing the types of companies they’ve worked for in the past that are most similar to yours – is a good way to differentiate the two candidates.

Tip #4: Don’t take too long with your decision.

If you have two excellent candidates, chances are they’re interviewing with other companies. And if you wait too long in your decision making process, you could lose out on one or both of them.

Deciding between two equally strong candidates can be hard. But rest assured, either way, you’re going to end up with a great new hire!

Having trouble finding talented candidates to recruit for your team?

Let the experts at PrideStaff help. As one of Tempe’s top recruiting firms, we have the knowledge, experience and proven processes in place to help you source and hire qualified, dependable candidates for your team. We make hiring easier! Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.



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