As one of Phoenix’s top employment agencies, PrideStaff knows when it comes to finding a new job, it’s kind of like searching for that perfect home. You want it to be a good size, in a prime location and have all the right features. That’s why researching potential employers ahead of time is so important.

So how can you do it effectively? Start with these tips:

Verify location.

Just as in real estate, location is vitally important. If you have a long commute – and you hate to drive – you’re going to burn out from it sooner or later. So, before you apply to that job that sounds just about “perfect,” make sure the position won’t require a treacherous commute every day. In addition, if the company has more than one location, verify where exactly the particular position you’re interested in is.

Dig into culture.

If you’re free-spirited and a company’s culture is ultra formal, you’re probably not going to be happy there. That’s why, before you apply and also during the interview process, you should research the culture and ask questions related to it. Even better, if you know someone who already works there, then reach out to them to get the inside scoop on what it’s really like to work there.

Check out social media.

You can get a good sense of what it’s like to work at a company by taking a look at a company’s social media feeds, or blog posts. Are there photos from the summer picnic or team-building events? Do they have a LinkedIn profile page with information about culture? Does their company Career website offer more details into the workplace community? Do a little digging so you can gain more insight into company dynamics.

Look for online news articles.

Just as a hiring manager will try to vet you, you too should aim to scrutinize the company and its reputation. A quick web search can yield valuable results. For instance, if you’re researching a company online and find out they filed for bankruptcy protection last year, then you’re probably going to want to take a pass on the opportunity. If, however, there’s only positive information online about company growth and innovation, you can rest easy it’s a reputable company.

Knowledge is power. And the more you know, the better you can evaluate prospective employers and job offers.

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