5 Tips for Recruiting Candidates on LinkedIn


In theory, you know LinkedIn is a good place to network and find good candidates. But in practice, how do you actually do it? By following these 5 tips:

#1: Get active in groups.

Don’t just post a job opening and sit back to wait for the resumes to roll in. Rather, LinkedIn is all about relationship-building. To get the most from the site, you need to get active on other areas of it, like groups.

These are a hub of activity on LinkedIn, where professionals who share common interests or work in the same industries gather. They can therefore be a valuable source of leads for candidates, if you take the right approach. That means going beyond posting your job advertisements to also sharing informative articles, videos and infographics.

#2: Polish your profile.

You’re not simply looking for candidates. Candidates are also looking for you. That’s why, it’s so important to have a polished and professional company profile, complete with keywords candidates would use to search for jobs like the ones you’re offering.

#3: Reach out for referrals.

LinkedIn is a great tool for building your network and can also be a good source of referrals, as a result. So, if you’re searching for a candidate with a specific skill set, message those in your network you think might be able to help.

You can also use LinkedIn as a communication tool for staying in touch with former and current trusted colleagues. You will not only expand your network, but strengthen it, as well.

#4: Look for passive candidates.

In addition to getting active in groups, it’s also important to look for those candidates you think are a good fit for your company. Even if they’re not actively searching, most professionals report being open to opportunities should the right one come along. Everyone is, therefore, fair game. So use tools like the advanced search options to find candidates – whether local or not – with the skills and background you need.

#5: Perform your due diligence.

Once you do find a candidate you think could be a match, make sure you do your homework first before reaching out. That means checking out their LinkedIn profile, as well as looking them up online. Specifically, make sure you read through any endorsements and recommendations so you have a sense of what others are saying about them.

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