Summer is here – and so are vacations, barbecues and long weekends. For companies, it’s a time of the year that can be a challenge when it comes to employee drive and motivation. While you want your staff to enjoy their summer, you also need them to be productive.

How can you balance the two? With these tips:

Encourage vacation time.

It sounds counter-intuitive. But encouraging employees to take time off from work can actually help you in the long run. Not only does taking vacation time help them stay healthy, but studies show it boosts productivity, too.

In fact, according to a report by Glassdoor and Harris Interactive, the benefits of employee vacation include: “higher productivity, stronger workplace morale, greater employee retention, and significant health benefits.”

Offer days off for performance goals met.

As one of Tempe’s top recruiting firms, PrideStaff knows one of the best ways to meet important milestones or objectives is to offer additional time off as a reward. Whether it’s simply offering a half day off on a Friday, or more vacations days that employees can use throughout the year, it’s a great way not only to motivate your team during summer, but also reward them for hard work.

Schedule a retreat or team-building activity.

If work slows down during the summer, it’s a good time to schedule these kinds of events. They offer an important opportunity for your employees to reconnect and build camaraderie outside of the typical office environment. They’re also an ideal opportunity to drive home your company mission, vision for the rest of the year, and talk about changes or new initiatives.

Offer promotions.

If you have employees you plan to promote, summer can be a good time to do it. If it’s typically a slower time for your company, then it will give your newly promoted people some time to acclimate to their roles. It can also reinvigorate their passion and drive for your organization’s mission and vision.

Embrace the slower pace.

It’s important to continue to set clear performance goals even during summer – so employees know what you expect from them throughout the season. However, you might want to offer a more flexible schedule in which they can achieve it. Let them leave a little earlier on Fridays, or work from home more often. These seemingly small perks can go a long way in employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Do you need help filling skill gaps during employee vacation time this summer?

Call in the experts at PrideStaff. As one of Tempe’s top recruiting firms, we can provide you with access to the area’s top talent on a temporary, part-time or full-time basis. We make hiring easy for you during summer – and every season. Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.





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