The resume is your first opportunity to meet a candidate. But if you’re like most hiring managers, you only spend a few seconds screening each one. What’s more is that other factors – from your mood to the number of resumes you receive – can impact how well you screen them.

To ensure you have a consistent and effective process in place, follow these tips:

#1: Make sure you’re attracting the right kind of talent.

As a leading provider of staffing services in Tempe, PrideStaff knows if you’re short on details, or if your job posting is vague, then you’re going to attract all kinds of candidates, especially those who aren’t a good fit. That’s why it’s so important to include specific details, such as experience, education requirements, and certifications. Also, get specific on the type of track record and accomplishments you’re looking for.

#2: Keep the job description fresh in your mind.

Before you start reviewing resumes, make sure you look over the job description again. Also, pull out the 3 to 5 most essential skills and requirements you’re looking for. As you’re screening resumes, you’ll be better able to focus on the best fit candidates as a result.

#3: Give yourself enough time to screen.

Don’t try to cram resume screening into the last 15 minutes of your day. That’s a recipe for a potential hiring mistake. Instead, give yourself enough time to focus on each resume and get a sense of the candidate. Also, don’t rule out resumes just because you’ve accumulated a few candidates to interview. Your next star hire could be in that final batch of resumes you received.

#4: Wait until all resumes are in.

If you can, wait until the closing date for your job posting to review resumes. That way, you can set aside a few hours to get the job done. You can also give all resumes the same level of time and attention.

#5: Focus on the positive.

It’s easy to pick apart a resume, searching for any reason to reject a candidate. But instead, aim to focus on the positive. Even if a candidate isn’t a perfect fit, don’t reject them based on any assumptions. Instead, if you’re not sure about someone, then schedule a phone screen. You’ll be able to gain much more insight by talking directly with the candidate.

Once you’ve identified your top candidates, take the time to perform a thorough phone screen, in-person interviews and a background and reference check. That way, you can weed out a potential hiring mistake before they get their foot in the door.

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