You’ve been polishing your resume, networking non-stop and applying to jobs in Phoenix and beyond. And it finally happened. You landed an interview.


Enjoy the fruit of your efforts for a moment – and then get down to work. After all, the company is likely interviewing other candidates and you need to set yourself apart from them. The better job you do, the more likely the offer is yours.

Here’s how to get a top company in Phoenix to want to hire you:

Be prepared to talk about the past…and the future.

Employers want to see evidence of past results. They want to know how you increased sales, cut time spent on an inefficient process, or acquired new customers.

But you can’t simply focus on the past. You also have to be ready to talk about the future. In other words, what can you do for them? Potential employers want to know that you can make a positive contribution – which is why you need to relate your past accomplishments to their specific needs.

Have numbers on hand.

When you’re bringing up that big project you led, or the fire you put out, make sure you have numbers ready that quantify your results. That means dollar amounts, time, percentages and statistics. This will get the attention of the hiring manager and also help verify your claims.

Don’t ramble.

The interview was going great. And then, you couldn’t stop talking. Sound familiar? It happens to even the best candidates. You get nervous – and so you ramble. This is easy to do especially if the interviewer pauses a lot throughout your meeting. But aim to keep your answers clear and concise.

Be positive and enthusiastic.

The workplace is full of groaners and complainers – and frankly, it’s a drain on productivity. Employers know this and so they look for those people who come off as eager to learn, with a willingness to be flexible. So display a good attitude – and you’ll get noticed. In fact, it could be the one thing that helps you stand out among other candidates with similar backgrounds and skills.

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