Keeping Your People – & Your Productivity – On Target During the Holidays

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As one of Phoenix’s top temporary staffing agencies, PrideStaff knows that the holidays are a time of great joy – and great stress – for many of your employees. As a result, as a manager, it can be a challenge keeping everyone motivated and on task through the end of the year. But year’s end is also a crucial time for many businesses. You therefore can’t afford to have employees who are dawdling or performing work in a perfunctory manner. How do you balance it all?

Here are a few tips to help you keep your team’s momentum high during the season, while still encouraging some holiday down time:

Remember, you set the tone.
If your employees see you taking long lunches and leaving early every day, they’re going to slack off. If you want strong productivity during December, then it’s up to you to set a good example. When you’re striving to make things happen, your employees are far more likely to follow suit.

Challenge your employees.
Set specific goals and challenges for your employees throughout the month leading up to the holidays. When they have a high bar in place – one that’s reachable – they’ll be more motivated to achieve. Speaking of goal setting, this is also the ideal time to sit down with each employee and talk about performance over the past year, as well as setting new goals for the year ahead.

Encourage your team to take time off.
Americans are notorious for not taking their allotted vacation days. In fact, according to one travel website, 42% of workers in 2014 didn’t take any vacation days at all. This is a recipe for stress and burnout. It’s imperative for your people to take time off throughout the year, but they may especially want to do so during the holidays to travel and spend time with family. So don’t deter them; be flexible and accommodating so they can take the time they need to recharge.

Create a festive, grateful atmosphere.
Host a holiday party for employees, either during office hours or after work. Allow employees to get into the spirit of the season by decorating their workspace. Also provide small tokens of your appreciation to your staff during the holidays. This should not be a time when employees feel pressured to buy a big, expensive gift for the boss. Rather, appreciation should be shown from the top down.

The holiday season is naturally a time of the year that’s harder to stay on task and focused. But by following the tips above, you can encourage your employees to produce great work and still enjoy the season.

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