How to Survive as a New Manager

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You’ve just been promoted to manager for the first time. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part – making the transition from employee to supervisor. How can you tackle this challenge effectively? Here are 5 tips to consider:

Schedule one-on-ones.

As one of leading staffing agencies in Phoenix, PrideStaff understands if you’re now managing the people you worked alongside in the past, things could get a little awkward. It’s up to you to set a positive and professional tone from the start. That’s why it’s important to meet one-on-one with each individual team member. Talk about their career goals and aspirations and what challenges and stumbling blocks they’re experiencing on the job.

At this point, you should be asking a lot of questions and listening so you can gain the most insight into each employee. You’ll then be able to formulate a more solid strategy for working effectively and measuring performance going forward.

Set those boundaries.

You might have been friends with your co-workers. But now you’re the boss. That doesn’t mean you can’t be friendly, or go out for a drink after work. But it does mean you should be mindful of new boundaries that need to be in place. For instance, it’s no longer appropriate for you and your best friend/co-worker to commiserate about a certain person on your team you don’t like. You’re the boss now…and you need to set an example.

Create rules…and stick to them.

Setting boundaries and creating rules is simple. It’s enforcing them that’s the hard part. But you’ve got to if you want to earn your team’s respect and trust, and also discourage poor behavior.

Try not to play favorites.

This can be especially tough if you have two people on your staff that you’re good friends with. It’s easy to favor them over other team members. But don’t let these relationships impact your decision-making and judgment. You need to hold everyone accountable consistently and fairly.

Reach out to other leaders.

You might think it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help. But it’s smart to reach out to veteran leaders within your company and ask for key insights and advice on challenges you’re facing. Why spin your wheels or operate in a mode of uncertainty when you can just ask someone else who’s been in the same situation before?

If one of the areas you need help with is hiring for your team, call PrideStaff.

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