How to Interview for a Position That You’re Underqualified For

Young Man Nervous about Job Interview

You sent in your resume for a job you know you’re not quite qualified for…yet. But the opportunity sounded so perfect that you had to take a shot. And now it looks like you’ll have your chance in an interview. The question is: how do you prepare for it when you know your skills and experience aren’t quite what the employer is asking for? Here are several tips:

Talk to someone who works in the industry.

Do you have a friend or family member who works in a similar position? Reach out to them and ask about their job. What do they do on a daily basis? What kinds of challenges do they face? What industry issues are trending now? Talking to someone who actually works in the field can offer you a veteran’s insight into what kinds of questions you might be asked about in the interview.

Talk to an existing employee.

As one of Phoenix’s top employment agencies, PrideStaff knows LinkedIn can be a beautiful thing in these kinds of situations. You can search and see if you know anyone who works at the company. If you do, then reach out and get the scoop from them about getting hired there. Ask them what to expect during the interview and anything you can do to impress the interviewer. They may be able to offer you some key insider details or information that you can use to stand out – despite your lack of experience.

Talk up your accomplishments.

 You don’t have extensive experience. However, a proven record of successful and relevant accomplishments will help a hiring manager overcome any doubts they might have about you. So talk about how you cut expenses, landed a big new client, or spearheaded a profitable initiative in your previous roles. Achievements can go a long way in making up for less experience.

Talk about anything unique you bring to the table.

Do you speak a second language – and know the company is looking to expand globally? Did you spend years in a different field – so you can offer a new perspective and fresh insights? Whatever the case, identify what make you special or unique and how it can help you make impactful contributions at the company.

Whether or not you’re underqualified, interviewing is stressful. However, if you invest the time and effort to position yourself just right, then you can put yourself in the running for the job.

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