Should I Respond to Applicants I Don’t Plan to Interview?

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You’re busy. You’re running a department, going to meetings, putting out fires, hiring new employees – and that’s all before lunch. As a result, you may be wondering whether it’s worth your time to send out rejection letters to all those candidates you’re not hiring, or whether you can skip that part of the hiring process.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Phoenix, we can tell you there’s any easy answer: Don’t skip it. Send the emails.

Think of it from the candidate’s perspective. They submitted a resume for a position they thought they were qualified for and got excited about. And then they hear nothing. They don’t get a rejection email, or an email at all. They’re left wondering if you even received their resume, or if it ended up in a resume black hole.

Or worse, they took the day off work, bought a new suit, and spent hours preparing for an interview. They thought their prospects looked good, but then they don’t get an email, phone call or letter.

It’s not only incredibly frustrating for candidates, but it sends a bad message to them about your company. In addition, with technology today, it’s incredibly quick and easy to put together a simple form letter in an email and send it out to candidates who didn’t get the job. Even if you don’t have an applicant tracking system and have to do it individually, it’s just a matter of copying and pasting the same message into an email and sending it.

Not only is it the kind thing to do, but it’s also the business savvy one. So many employers don’t keep candidates in the loop, leaving them worrying, wondering and waiting. But when you inform a candidate right away they didn’t get the job – in a professional email – they’ll appreciate your timely response.

Sure, they’ll be disappointed. But they won’t walk away from your company angry or offended. Then, if a different job opportunity comes up that they’re a fit for, they’ll likely apply again.

If you’re striving to be an employer of choice, this is one of the easy steps you can take to build a strong employer brand. Not every candidate is going to be the right match for your company or your job openings. But when you treat all candidates with respect – and let them know where they stand – it will reflect well on your company and set the bar high for your competition.

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