You need your people to comply with a certain code of conduct, meet specific expectations, and follow detailed policies – all of which are likely communicated in your employee handbook.

The trouble is: Your people don’t actually read it.

They might glance through it quickly when they’re first hired. But by now, it’s likely collecting dust on their desks, or thrown into some dark corner of their office.

Considering the information inside of it is critical, what can you do to make your handbook more user friendly – so your employees actually read it? Here are 4 ways to help you:

#1: Use plain language.

You might be talking about employment laws and legal responsibilities, but do so in plain language. Most of your employees don’t have a law degree (unless you work in a law office). And when your handbook is written in dry legalese that’s impossible to understand, it’s not going to get read.

#2: Include real-world examples.

If you’re talking about the reason your company must comply with a certain law, or a how an employee should handle a particular situation, include a real-world example. Not only will it make for better reading, but your employees will understand the issue more clearly.                    

#3: Keep it online.

With all the changes the government makes to employment laws these days, it doesn’t make sense to print out your handbook every time it gets updated. Instead, keep it as an electronic file that employees can access on the Intranet. That will make it easier for them to get to and easier for you to actually keep updated.

#4: Incorporate videos.

Thanks to the likes of YouTube and Facebook, today’s employees are used to watching videos online – and gaining more and more information using this medium. You can use that to your advantage by creating videos around key points you want to underscore. For instance, you can create a video for new hires about your company and what to expect on their first days and weeks there.

Making your employee handbook more accessible can be a challenge. But when your people better understand the business, the policies and the code of conduct, they’ll be more aligned with company values and stay loyal longer.

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