Why You Shouldn’t Take a Summer Vacation from Your Job Search

Tempe Hiring Managers

You want to spend your summer relaxing by the pool, enjoying a cool drink. But as top Tempe recruiters, PrideStaff knows if you’re searching for a new job opportunity, summer is not the time to take a vacation from it.

Despite what you might think, employers aren’t slowing hiring down during the summer and in fact, can even be hiring more. In addition, other job candidates may be taking time off, meaning you have less competition for your dream job.

To help you in your quest, here are 4 tips to consider:

Tip #1: Party with a purpose in mind.

Summer is social time. So take advantage of all the barbecues and pool parties to network as much as you can. Remember, you don’t want to be constantly talking about your search for a new job when you’re socializing. However, be prepared with business cards when you do meet someone who can help you. You never know. Your next great connection could be at the summer block party.

Tip #2: Be patient with summer schedules.

Some companies actually have a shorter interview process in the summer months. However, oftentimes, the process can be slower due to varying vacation schedules of decision makers. As a result, a process that might usually take three weeks can take five or six weeks.

Tip #3: Take advantage of the slow season.

The plus side of businesses slowing down in the summer months is that if there’s a company or industry you’re interested in, you can ask for an informational interview…and increase your odds of getting one. Also, if there’s someone in your network that has the kind of job you’re after, offer to take them out for coffee or drinks so you can pick their brain.

Tip #4: Consider contract-to-hire.

Companies will oftentimes have contract jobs open up during the summer due to employee leaves or vacations. If you impress the employer, these opportunities can lead to permanent employment. So if a great job with your dream company opens up – but it’s a contract position – you may still want to consider taking it to see where it leads.

The bottom line is that if you slack in your job search over the summer, you could miss out on a truly great opportunity. Instead, follow the tips above and continue your search, so you head into the fall with a terrific new job.

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