You have an employee who desperately wants to get promoted. They’re itching to take on more responsibility and fervently believe they’re ready for bigger projects. The trouble is – you know they’re not prepared to take on more.

How can you handle the situation without bursting their confidence?

On the one hand, you don’t want them to disengage and quit. On the other hand, you know promoting them would be a huge risk – one that likely won’t pan out well for you and your organization.

If you’re in this situation, here’s what to do:

Be direct but also kind.

Don’t just say no to an employee promotion. Explain to them your reasoning as to why you’re not promoting them now. The key here is to be clear and candid, while also being kind. You’re not doing your employee any favors by shading the truth just because it’s an awkward situation. However, you’re also dealing with a delicate subject matter that needs to be handled with care.

Be appreciative of their efforts.

When employees are turned down for promotions, they often feel disheartened and underappreciated. So once you’ve delivered the bad news, tell your employee how much you value their contributions to the team. Name one or two specific strengths or accomplishments that have made a meaningful impact at your company.

Be clear about next steps.

If you see potential in them, then talk about next steps and what they can do going forward to earn a promotion. You don’t want a good employee to feel like they’re stuck in a position with no room for advancement. Instead, get specific about what classes they need to take, what areas they need to improve upon and what skills they need to acquire in order to get promoted.

If, however, there’s no path for promotion for an employee, be clear about that too. You don’t want to give an employee false hope only to have them wind up angry and resentful down the road when they’re once again passed over.

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