The Myth of the Perfect Job Candidate


In this season of elections, many people are searching for the perfect candidate – that one individual who aligns perfectly with their values, ideals, and vision for the future. However, that person doesn’t exist.

The same holds true for job candidates. You can post and repost job ads, network every chance you get, and scrutinize LinkedIn profiles for weeks. But in the end, if you’re searching for perfection, you’re going to come up empty-handed.

What’s worse is that your quest for perfection could be slowing down your hiring process. As a result, really great candidates – ones who are highly skilled, hard working, and full of potential – might get discouraged and move onto other companies that are extending offers faster. Once it comes down to crunch time when you must make a hiring decision, your top picks could be long gone.

So how can you hire job candidates who are terrific, tremendous and top-notch – they just might not be perfect? Here are 3 quick tips to help you:

Tip #1: Evaluate the job.

Before you can find the right person for the job, it’s important to fully understand and define the role. In other words: What hard skills are an absolute must-have for the position and which are nice to have? What personality traits are important for success? What are your goals and expectations for the new hire in the first 90 days and six months on the job? How will their success be measured?

Tip #2: Always interview at least three people for the position.

Even if you like the first person you interview immediately, it’s important to have a basis for comparison. Keep in mind: the more people you interview, the greater selection of choices you will have when it comes time to make a hiring decision. So don’t sell yourself short by only interviewing one or two people.

Tip #3: Get second opinions.

Even if you’re sure about a candidate, ask for other people on your team to interview him or her. These should be people who are qualified to evaluate a candidate’s skill level or who would be working alongside the candidate. They may ask questions you didn’t think of and uncover valuable information, as a result.

At the end of the day, hiring a new employee is a major investment. There’s a lot at stake, so you want to take the time to make sure you hire well. That said, don’t let a perfectionist mentality hinder you and leave you unable to hire because you can’t find the perfect candidate. Remember, there’s no such thing.

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