As one of the top employment agencies in Tempe, PrideStaff knows when it comes to preparing for a job interview, most candidates focus on the questions they’ll be asked. But how much time are you spending preparing your own questions?


Keep in mind: A job interview is a conversation. The purpose of it is for BOTH parties to determine whether there’s a fit. That means it’s up to you to ask intelligent questions so you can find out whether the role and the culture blend with your background and career goals.


But time is limited during an interview. So what are some questions you absolutely must ask? Here’s a look at a few:


Who held this position before? Why did they leave?

The information you get from this answer will help you learn more about the position itself, the type of person it takes to be successful in it, and the company culture. If, for instance, the person was promoted into a new job in the business, then you know there’s room for advancement. If, however, the hiring manager seems uncomfortable with this question, then you’ll know the person may not have left on the best terms.


What kinds of challenges will a new hire face in this role? 

Of course you want to learn about all the benefits and perks associated with a job. But it’s just as important to learn about the obstacles and challenges you’ll be facing. First, it will help you determine whether you have the right experience and skills to overcome them. And second, if you do get the job, you won’t be blindsided by these issues in your new role. Getting all the information – the good, the bad, and the ugly – is a wise move when you’re trying to assess whether an opportunity is right for you.


What are the short-term goals and expectations for someone in this position? How will success be measured?

One of the biggest reasons new hires fail on the job is that they are unclear about goals and expectations. But when you know them upfront – before even taking on the job – you can make a better decision about whether the position is right for you and whether you have the experience necessary to achieve the desired results. In addition, asking these questions also demonstrates to the hiring manager that you’re eager to be successful in the position.


What’s the culture like?

If you’re not a good fit for a company’s culture, you’re not going to thrive in your job. That’s why it’s so important to ask questions about culture and what it’s really like to work at a potential employer. If, for instance, the culture is laid back and you like a more structured environment, then the job likely isn’t an ideal fit for you. It’s important to know this before you accept an offer.


What are the next steps – and when will a decision be made?

This last question is important to ask. It not only demonstrates your interest in the opportunity, but it also lets you know when to expect a decision. That way, you’re not left sitting around, waiting for a phone call that won’t come for a couple weeks.


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