As one of the top recruiting firms in Tempe, PrideStaff knows the ideal candidate for your job isn’t always looking for a new opportunity. In fact, they make be gainfully employed – and perfectly content in their current position. But just because they aren’t actively pursuing a new job doesn’t mean they’re not open to one. They’re just going to be more selective than an active job candidate.

So with that in mind, how can you entice them to make a move to your company? Start by considering these tips:

Learn all you can about the candidate.

Before you reach out to a potential candidate, find out all you can about them, whether it’s Googling them, looking to LinkedIn, or reading up on their bio on the company website. When you learn about their background and skill set, you may find areas in which you can offer them specific opportunities for advancement and growth. You can leverage these perks when you’re selling your opportunity.

Learn about their current job.

Find out about their current company’s employer brand. Do they have a strong reputation or a weak one? In what areas can you offer better perks, benefits or opportunities to the candidate? You have to entice the candidate to want to make a move to green pastures.

Make sure your job is clearly defined.

Nobody is going to risk leaving their existing employer for a vague opportunity or one that doesn’t have clear duties, expectations, and goals. So if you don’t know all the details of the position you’re hiring for, find out. You want to ensure you’re able to properly sell the position to the candidate, as well as answer any questions they may have.

Determine what makes it special.

In other words, what makes your company or the position unique or rewarding? How will a candidate benefit from accepting an opportunity at your company? You need to go beyond the job’s day-to-day duties and focus on why your company is exceptional or the job is an “opportunity of a lifetime.”

In addition to talking about the perks you can offer, make sure you clearly define how your job will help improve the candidate’s career or life. Will it be a step up? Will they have more flexibility and a healthier work life balance? Will they be able to learn and develop in new and exciting ways? Whatever the case, make sure the candidate clearly understands the tangibles and the intangibles of the job.

If you’d like more help recruiting for your team, call PrideStaff.

As one of the top recruiting firms in Tempe, our specialists can help you with the process from start to finish, giving you access to the skilled and dependable people you need, where and when you need them. To learn more, contact us today.




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