Do you constantly feel an unhealthy level of pressure at work? Do you dread Mondays? Do regularly butt heads with your boss?

As one of the top employment firms in Phoenix, PrideStaff knows these are some clear signs that it’s time to initiate your job search and look for new opportunities. But what about when it’s not so obvious? In other words, you think you might want a change, but deep down you’re not really sure.

The end of the year is a great time for reflection. So dig a little deeper and evaluate your situation so you can make the right move in 2016. To help you, here are some subtle signs you’re ready for greener pastures:

  1. You’re a clock-watcher.
    You used to hit the ground running each day, operating at optimal efficiency. But now it seems like the days can’t end soon enough. It may because you’ve outgrown your job. It’s no longer stimulating and you’re bored as a result. 
  1. There are no advancement opportunities at your company.
    You’ve been in your position for a while now and feel like you’re ready to spread your wings. The trouble is: There aren’t any opportunities to do so at your company. If that’s the situation you’re in – and you don’t see it changing anytime soon – you’re going to grow disengaged. It’s time to move on. The company may not be about investing in the development of their employees, so it’s time to find an employer who is.
  1. You have no idea where you stand.
    You don’t know if your boss loves or hates you work. That’s because you never get any feedback. You ask for it and either don’t get it all or it’s too generic to put to any good use. The best boss is one who is interested in your career development and is generous with insight and advice. If yours isn’t, you owe it to your career to find a more engaged boss.
  1. There’s constant restructuring.
    It can be hard to remain productive and motivated in a job when the company keeps re-structuring. You might not even know whether you have a job from one week to the next. While even the best companies undergo restructuring, it’s a process that eventually needs to end. If it’s ongoing with your employer, though, it’s a sign of turbulence and perhaps more challenges ahead.
  1. You hate talking about your job.
    Whether you’re with your family or out with friends, you don’t want to talk about work…ever. You think about it all the time, but talking about it just emphasizes your frustration. This is a big red flag that you’re somehow either overworked or unfulfilled by your job.

Do these signs sounds familiar? Are you ready to make a move to a new job?

Call PrideStaff. As one of the top employment firms in Phoenix, we can partner with you to get to know your career goals and needs. We’ll then get to work finding opportunities that are a great fit for you. Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about how we can help you.


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